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Price Question: How hotel “Almaty” competes in the market

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Price Question: How hotel “Almaty” competes in the market

  In the hotel market in Kazakhstan in recent years there has been increased competition, coupled with an increase in the number of hotels. The question arises: how to compete in the market of hotel, almost half-century history?

 Over the past 10 years the number of hotels in Almaty alone has increased by 3 times. And the average annual occupancy rates in Kazakhstan, according to Kazakhstan association of hotels and restaurants, is only 21.4%. While in the world at an average annual load of less than 30% the number of hotels begins to decline sharply. With the increasing number of hotels in Kazakhstan with such statistics, the competition is tougher. However, in our country there are hotels that are not the first to successfully operate in the market. One such hotel is the “Almaty”, which continues to occupy a leading position among its competitors.

 As representatives of the hotel, “Almaty” continues its work 47 years, despite the difficulties of the modern market. “With the rich experience of the past years, we try to keep all the best for our dear guests, but always be flexible to modern trends such” golden mean “is the key to the success of many years” – say representatives of the hotel.

  An important role in the success of the hotel played its location. Hotel “Almaty” is located in the heart of the city, in the heart of the cultural and business area, next to the administrative buildings, theaters, supermarkets, parks and squares. This convenient location cannot attract visitors to the city. This location allows its guests to easily get to the desired location. Moreover, from the hotel windows offer a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountain ranges of Trans-Ili Alatau. This form will remain in the soul of each newly arrived guest.

 The hotel has 255 rooms (from standard to lux), which are located on the 8th floor. Such a number of rooms even in the current conditions is a very large figure. Room rates an average of 20 thousand. To 27 thousand tenge. Tenge per day. It should be noted that this is a very good deal at current market prices. If we talk about price-quality ratio, the fee for this guest receives accommodation in the center of Almaty city in a historic building, a delicious breakfast and a magnificent view of the mountains. In addition, the customer uses a flexible system of discounts, individual approach to each guest. Specialists have developed a “package” of services, which are offered as regular visitors and guests visiting the hotel for the first time. For visitors arriving in the city on business, the hotel management offers favorable conditions for renting the conference room. A modern conference hall can accommodate up to 120 people.

 An essential advantage of the “Almaty” is that the hotel has everything for a comfortable and leisure. At the hotel there are 3 restaurants high level – Assorti, Issyk, Lift. Each restaurant is unique with his breath and atmosphere. In each of these restaurants is perfectly matched all the components of the modern leisure comfortable place: good food, good service and cozy atmosphere, where guests can appreciate the best dishes, and relax while enjoying a cultural program.

   Guests “Almaty” have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of tours around the city and the region, without leaving the hotel, thanks to the travel agencies. The hotel has a shuttle that will take you from the airport to the hotel itself, Guinot beauty salon and mini-bar. “Modern technology, comfortable furniture and all necessary resources are waiting for our customers”, – stressed the representatives of the hotel.

The uniqueness of the hotel “Almaty” and its appeal also lies in the fact that it was built in the late 60-ies of the last century. In those years the hotel “Almaty” is a benchmark for the whole of the Kazakh SSR. The hotel building was done in revolutionary for architecture of the time format. As a result, a smooth curve of the facade and bold solutions architects have become a unique hallmark of the hotel. The first head of the hotel was a man, perhaps even more legendary than the hotel itself – Rakhimzhan Koshkarbaev. He hoisted the Victory Banner on the Reichstag.

  For many years it was “Almaty” took all the distinguished guests from all over the Soviet Union, 70% of the load carried the Cabinet and the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan, as regular guests were the stars of cinema, theater, opera and pop. Sometimes, loading up to 100%. While special supervisors to schedule a visit to the hotel and get into the “Almaty” it was virtually impossible.

  At the moment, in the hotel is in full swing rebranding. “Today, the city is recognizable as Almaty and is no longer in dispute, and the hotel” Almaty “, – said the representative of the hotel.

 Hotel” Almaty “has become a tourist attraction and a place of attraction of visitors to the city, as well as historical and architectural monument. The phenomenon of “Almaty” in the fact that for a long time, it is one of the most successful and attractive players in the hotel industry.

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