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History of the Hotel “Alma-Ata”

History of the Hotel “Alma-Ata” “Hotel” Alma-Ata “- one of the iconic buildings of the city that defines its look with the 60s of the last century. The revolutionary architecture of the last century, the elite, one might even say, exclusivity. “Alma-Ata” was built a few years before the hotel “Kazakhstan”, and that it took all the distinguished guests who came to the capital of…


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Price Question: How hotel “Almaty” competes in the market

  In the hotel market in Kazakhstan in recent years there has been increased competition, coupled with an increase in the number of hotels. The question arises: how to compete in the market of hotel, almost half-century history?  Over the past 10 years the number of hotels in Almaty alone has increased by 3 times. And the average annual occupancy rates in Kazakhstan, according to Kazakhstan…



Rebirth of the legend

Truly legendary hotel, 47 years decorating the capital of South Kazakhstan – hotel “Almaty” is regaining its former popularity. For information on how to return the status of the hotel with modern and popular hotel “Almaty” said the head of the company Aydin Sultanov. Galina Goldberg – Aydin Kuanyshevich, today the hotel “Almaty” is experiencing a rebirth, in that sense you could mark a new…