The history of the hotel «Alma - ATA»

The history of the hotel «Alma - ATA»


And you know how much our beloved Apple city years? According to the latest, but not yet official data, the age Almaty at least more than 1000 years. This is evidenced by the found archaeological artifacts: written sources, ancient coins and many ancient cities with a strong urban device.

Agree, there is something romantic, when you begin to realize that live and rest in a city with very ancient history?

Did you know that our hotel was built in 1967?

The hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in the city 60-ies of the last century, is a historical and architectural monument. The authors of the project of the hotel building were architects N. And. Ripinsky, I. A. Kartasi, A. Y. Kossov, V. G. Chirkin. It carried out repair works associated with improvement of design and interior of rooms, restaurant, lobby and façade of the hotel. The project of modernization of the building was developed by the British company Chapman Taylor.