Bauyrzhan, Kazakhstan

I stopped several times and I knew about the hotel, almost all the details, but my wife was the first to your hotel and she loved the hotel. Thank you to the staff, very polite and welcoming.
8 September 2019

Sayat, Kazakhstan

Of course, first and foremost, the Hotel location, especially when near the street turned into a pedestrian zone. And the neighborhood with good restaurants, I especially want to recommend restobar Delicat'L all delicious - from Breakfast to dinner. And of course you need to go to the Opera or to the ballet in the famous Park of the first President of Abai. And summer could be the return of swans and ducks as it was in the distant 70-80-ies, and fill the pools of the fountains of water and start Karpov. And in the winter it was possible to organize a mini-rink!
5 September 2019

Maksim, Ukraine

Liked the location, the helpfulness of the staff. Breakfast good but no variety. Every day the same. If you think whether to choose this hotel, then there is less doubt)
26 April 2019